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The land of the free

I moved to the West becauseI wanted freedom fromsaffron-robed false prophetsand heresy spewing monks,I no longer wanted to walksqualid streets littered withdrunk, paunched, corruptpolicemen and starved mongrels,I no longer wanted to hagglewith auto drivers who lookedat women like they’d never seenthem before,I no longer wanted the dust fromthe construction site coupled withthe stench of the…

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After we made love the other night, I looked at you, lying naked, silhouetted against the moonlight that crept into our apartment like a voyeur. I traced my calloused fingers against the outline of your body – the curves and the arched back, speaking a language of fiery oranges and whispered reds. I then looked…

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The whisper and the drizzle

I’ve always dreamt ofliving in the mountainswith you; in a quaint,little cottage with itsfireplace, and high,vaulted ceiling. I’vedreamt of the two dogswe’d own and the longwalks we’d take whenthe mist kisses the pinesand the twilight caressesthe steeple of the oldcathedral with its delicate,orange fingers. But latelywe’ve found ourselves ina cul-de-sac of melancholycircumscribed byramshackle huts,trash bins…

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