He was odd, to say the least, and he would walk around hunched with this peculiar gait that made him look like a wounded war-veteran who limped. He seemed so absorbed with himself, and I often wondered whether thoughts buzzed around inside his over-sized head like flies circling a pile of garbage. He had this […]

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When you were young, you saw beauty in everything. She painted the monal’s wing a surreal aquamarine and infused the rice fields with layers and layers of green vivacity. You dreamt. You believed and reached for the apple of glory without Eve’s hesitancy. Now, older, you look at the street outside your apartment complex and […]

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Dearly Beloved, We solemnly gather here to mourn the passing of Beauty. There was a time when aesthetes roamed the countryside and marveled at the greens and the oranges and in the whistle of the thrush, but those Keatsian dreamers are dead, and their ecstatic odes now lie in powdery hardcovers that no one bothers […]

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He spends most of his time within the confines of his dusty room; walking to the balcony now and then for a smoke. If you were to talk to him, you’d think that he’s another impressionable, naive man building castles in Spain. But peer deeper into those brown eyes, and you’ll know a deeper shade […]

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I’m just a lonely shit, and all I do is smoke, get fat, drink cheap, sediment-ridden wine, take my antidepressants, drink my cough syrup and trip on a downer now and then. I live in a lonely, shitty apartment in an overcrowded neighborhood where the traffic flits around like mosquitoes; where people have lives and […]

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