A sonnet to existence

I’ve spent my life exploring works of those renown Hoping some scintilla of touch would enrich This tumbledown estate where weeds and vines unsown Plague, afflict and curse with harvests never rich And sometimes words like fireflies glow in my weak mind Sparkling with exuberance, they guide the pen I hold. They tell the world […]

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A lighter shade of green

You and I both know that we’re in a dust bowl masquerading as a picturesque mead, that we’re in a pseudo-utopian bubble of chimaeras and dangerous delusions, that the wood-nymphs we see dancing around us are only animated mannequins, that the Leprechaun’s pot possesses Monopoly currency, that the mist like gossamer that weaves its way […]

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I remember sitting in the backseat of the old Ford, as it snaked its way towards the Nilgiri Hills, we passed field after field—both barren and lush, and watched the farmers pick their crops under a spiteful sun. Seeing them, filled me with both wonder and melancholia, and I said, “This is India. A country […]

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When I leave this world succeeding strain and strife

When I leave this world succeeding strain and strife; When the trumpets blare and mourners fiercely weep; They’ll celebrate me; crown my coffin with a wreath; They’ll come from far and wide; especially those who plunged the knife. They’ll make this dreaded misfit an outstanding king; They’ll treat my verse with wonderful acclaim; say, “It’s […]

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