I’m standing in a Gothic Cathedral with its arches, pillars and stained-glass windows, comprehending how Lilliputian and inconspicuous I am. All my life I dreamt of power, control and fame, but I now realize that I’m simply a journeyman looking for an upset. When you’re young, you dream of swords, shields and combat, and usurping […]

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I stood at the edge of the precipice and looked at the meadows below but didn’t see lush greens or rich browns, I only saw shades of the dullest grey and wondered if I should plunge and let that fog of despair enwrap me and have its victory. After all, I’ve never lived; I’ve only […]

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A utilitarian Descartes: I am, therefore I think A modernist Descartes: I think, therefore I think I am? A postmodern, millennial Descartes: I think, therefore I’m not A postmodern, Generation Z Descartes: I am, therefore I’m not A middle-aged, crisis-ridden, trapped-in-an-existential-loophole Descartes: I think to think I am, but am I or not? A Puritanical […]

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I think I’m too daft to comprehend e.e.cummings’s style of writing, lines projecting out like horizontal stalagmites, spaces, words meshed together like they’re thrown in the blender, an i outside the parenthesis probably symbolizing loneliness and an i within probably embodying wholeness with another. Experimental fiction was never my forte, and maybe that’s because fate’s […]

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Melpomene, are you the only muse I’ll know? I look for other dances filled with joy and mirth but shadows of each year and age clearly show a caricature of a man denied rebirth. I tell myself that I’ll transcend, and fiercely glow, no longer held by puppeteers of loss and dearth, no longer dregs […]

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