Humpty sat in the refrigerator pondering and pondering, which is pretty much what eggs did. They were deep existential thinkers, contemplating on the nature of good and evil, and the nature of man and man’s relationship to them. He pondered on metaphysical things like the nature of the eternal yolk, the finitude of the shell […]

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Toad Curry

I’m chef Frank Baudelaire of the three Michelin star restaurant Ambiance, and today I’m going to tell you a little about us, and also guide you through the process of making our world-famous dish, Toad Curry.  We started Ambiance in a little corner of Marseilles three years ago to give the locals an experience like […]

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I met another version of him after three years: a totally different avatar. I wanted to meet him after reading one of his recently published poems. The tone of the piece showed a shift from his earlier work. His initial writing was effervescent, or like David’s psalms began on a note of melancholia and then […]

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