Before they arrived, we had our ideas of what they’d be like, and often wondered if they existed at all. But when they did, our powers of comprehension failed us, and we couldn’t fathom who they were, and what they did to our world. I remember that day more than any other. We didn’t see […]

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Reviews for the beef-eating Sadhus

The beef-eating Sadhus, Sundar and Bundar were lynched. – Anonymous Anonymous’s crisp, concise, lucid, pragmatic style is like petrichor after the boisterous farting of the neo-jazz postmodern novels. No discordant trombones, no horrisonant, screeching trumpets playing that sharp C. The beef-eating Sadhus is just a to-the-point, in-your-face micro-novel. – The New Guardian Anonymous’s exploration of […]

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I woke up that morning, feeling sixty-five and I needed a walk. I needed to breathe in the fresh air. Now, I lived on the outskirts of the city and there was a Jacaranda Park very close to my house. The violet-blue flowers dancing to the rhythm of the morning breeze invigorated me and filled […]

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