The beef-eating Sadhus, Sundar and Bundar were lynched. – Anonymous

Anonymous’s crisp, concise, lucid, pragmatic style is like petrichor after the boisterous farting of the neo-jazz postmodern novels. No discordant trombones, no horrisonant, screeching trumpets playing that sharp C. The beef-eating Sadhus is just a to-the-point, in-your-face micro-novel. – The New Guardian

Anonymous’s exploration of culture in saying too little is exactly what this generation of wordy, obscure, abstract expressionism needs. A micro-novel that’s thoroughly objective and birthed in a rough womb of diatribes against meat politics, and the sharp rise of nationalism trying to subdue little voices. Well, the beef-eating Sadhus doesn’t enter this world whispering or sobbing. It screams. A must read. – The Post

Am I the only one who noticed the humor? Sure, they were beef-eating Sadhus, but the lynching is where Anonymous uses his darkly comical scythe. He uses his sinister wit to compare lynching to aggressive masturbation. If you think about it, they both involve ruthlessness and blood spilled. This micro-novel is a tour-de-force in its exploration of modern sexuality. The sexual revolution is here to stay brothers and sisters! Yes, VR porn definitely enhances the erotic eye, but Anonymous does it here in nine words! A micro-novel that sets post-sexuality in motion. A magnum opus. A monumental achievement. – The Wireless

Raw and uncompromising with a bleak undercurrent. This micro-novel gives no room for closure or hope. Move over Bukowski, and please take a note, Mr. McCarthy. This is the second wave of nihilism without Camus’ absurdist ideologies. It’s a gunshot to the head. Nine words giving you a sharp dose of reality. – The Virtue

I don’t have a problem letting my kids read this masterpiece. The beef-eating Sadhus might explore sensuality and violent, torture fetishes, but people forget that the what lies on the surface is also intricate. An all protein meal never works. Eat your veggies children. – The Culture

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2020)

Photo by Abhinav Chadha on Unsplash


3 thoughts on “ Reviews for the beef-eating Sadhus ”

    1. Anonymous has released an excerpt from his latest micro-novel. It will be published by the Trans Yorker on June 15th. Our sources say that it’s “boobies and bobbies.” I guess he’s now exploring sadomasochism and role-play while giving the suppressed beef-eaters of UK a voice. Someone give this man a Pulitzer already. – New Age Reads

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