I’ve decided to give you an audio recording today instead of the written word. It’s me speaking extempore about my life, my challenges and my poetic journey. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “ Musings ”

  1. What a beautiful soothing voice. ❤️
    I made it to the end! 😛
    I relate to a lot, most of what weve minorly discusses in the past. Many blogs, depression. The way we’ve transitioned our blogging life. Anyhow, I loved this voice post

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    1. Thank you dear EC ❤️ Yeah depression is a curse. it’s awful and destroys the best of us. I’m glad you made it to the end. I hope you didn’t doze off in the middle, or say, “Enough of the weird silences and umms and you knows! Just talk! Damn it!” 😛

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  2. I’ve missed your voice Nitin. You’ve helped me through some really tough times and for that I am so very grateful. This really resonates with me in a lot of ways. That desire to write, both despising and cherishing the reader. I also understand about not having friends and having no one to talk to. I have one very good friend and he’s of course not always available considering he has his own wife and family to manage without me adding to it. Last night I was unable to sleep… I haven’t been sleeping well or very much for several months but last night I was laying here crying for hours. I was on the edge of a full-blown anxiety attack, hyperventilating and the whole bit. I realized I had literally No One to talk to. I considered getting on IG and begging for someone ANYONE to talk to me, to take my mind off my own woes. But I couldn’t bring myself to do that because even in the midst of it I realized how fucking pathetic I truly am. What a lonely, pathetic creature. And so I cried because I’m lonely and I crave for someone to love me, really deeply love me, and I cried because of some news I received at the beginning of the month which has devastated me and I feel ruined. Ruined and pathetic and lonely and wretched. And then… and then I listen to you and I remember. I know that so many others have it so much worse than me. And I’m not alone. I mean, I AM, but I’m not. Because you and I, brother, we have these same thoughts and feelings and across alllll the miles, we share at least that. And I remain so very grateful to you. You and your writing… you ease just a little of this heavy load. Even without trying. Thank you.

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    1. Tara. I’m so deeply touched by your comment. It really moved me, and yes, please remember that you’re not alone. Please talk to me anytime you feel the need to. Just message me on Instagram or Hangouts. I’ll always listen and reply as soon as I can. I’m saddened that you’re unable to sleep, but please remember that asking for help and wanting to feel loved does not make you a pathetic person. On the contrary, it makes you genuine. It makes you one of those few people who’re willing to show the world their vulnerable side. Do not let any news get you down. I know that’s extremely hard, but I only ask you not to let it defeat you. Life isn’t fair. It’s hard and plagued with sorrow. But you have people who care about you, and please know that I’m one of them. I love you my sister, and I want you to stay strong. It’s never wrong to cry. I wish I could, but I’ve grown so numb. Maybe I do cry, somewhere within. You are not ruined. Even if you’re pessimistic, there’s still something you can hold onto. We all have that something even in the most trying times. Please message me. Take care.



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