My dear fashionistas,

As the new year approaches, I’d like to take this time to acknowledge the Trendsetters of 2019. These are two people who defined elegance this year. They appealed to our aesthetic sensibilities. They redefined the arts with their style or flamboyance. The fashion industry flourishes because of them. So, without further ado, let me use this blog to introduce you to them.

Binky the Clown

The first thing anyone sees when they look at Binky is his enigmatic disposition. Then they realize, how brilliantly the greens, oranges and yellows augment this. You will not find Binky on social media. Photographs of him are also hard to find. So, to experience his pull, you must visit the underground circus on Charleston Street. There, you must watch him undress and wear his pink thong before snorting cocaine off his clown nose. Once, you are high enough; you must proceed to do with him as you please.

Anything, except maiming or killing him is allowed. If you are one of the aggressive types, pull his purple hair while you take him from behind. If you are one of the quieter types, sit and listen to him, while he sobs and tells you about how his life is a complete mess. It’s all part of the experience.

The only problem is that Binky charms a mustached, Ted Bundy picture carrying, bespectacled male clientele more than a female one. But, if you’re a sweaty, bellied man who’s tired of his wife and kids, and is looking for power and beauty in this world, I’d suggest giving Binky a try. His aesthetic appeal is far greater than a motel room hooker or a shady Tinder fling.

Moving on to Binky’s fashion sense; one thing that some critics who’ve been harsh on him don’t notice is his dotted tie. The tie is a symbol of exuberance and the fact that Binky is anything but joyous creates a kind of Mona Lisa effect. The makeup he wears also does this. You end up questioning whether he’s smiling or crying; whether despite his self-loathing, he enjoys being the dark merry andrew: the toy boy who secretly loves masochism. But let us leave the semantics to the fashion theoreticians. We’re here to celebrate how he’s inspired middle-aged, depressed men to value their life more by giving them sensational experiences in which their wives aren’t in control.

Molly the Mime

When a photograph of Molly, performing in a Wedding dress, made its way to Instagram, it made people rethink their notions of fashion. They spent hours staring at their reflections in sadness. They wondered how they could stoop so low and settle for thrift store jeans and tank tops. They started hating their outdated fashion sense and decided to emulate Molly and take a more minimalistic approach. The existential dread the picture caused made some hate themselves so much that they posted online death threats blaming Molly for their failures.

Molly, in the photograph, looks poised as she gracefully dances. Some critics have argued that she’s stoic and radiates masculinity. They say that this captures the yin and yang of her personality; the equivocal nature of her gender.

Molly’s allure rests in her simplicity. She’s helped bring back the grace of white and black in a world populated with gaudy fashion trends. You’ll not find a fluorescent Molly photograph or a performance given in a neon pink room. She refuses to perform for more than two patrons at a time.

Molly isn’t the archetypal pantomime heroine or villain. She strips her performances of unnecessary emotion. She helps you retreat to naïveté.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2019)


8 thoughts on “ Fashion Trendsetters of 2019 ”

    1. I see you’ve already begun yours 😄 I left a comment on one of those posts, but it either didn’t get sent or ended up in spam. That poem read like a science fiction, spy thriller sprinkled with satire and moving with an unstoppable velocity. It was brilliant. Easily the best thing I read in ages on WP.

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      1. Yes, sorry Nitin 🙏 I’m down under
        in bushfire Australia, and its hitting
        43+ degrees today! So, doing things
        on the go slow. I very much appreciate
        your extremely kind comment, Nitin.
        But I’m just the ghost 👻 writer for an
        overly ambitious Emoji hoping to
        seal a deal for a movie screenplay 🎥
        I keep telling him he’s dreaming 😎

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