Dear Writer,

I’m afraid we have decided to reject your manuscript because it doesn’t feature a strong female protagonist. The narrative was good until Sasha decided to forgive the men who catcalled her. It then spiralled into some psychobabble about redemption and beauty. We were looking for a gruesome story about revenge. You must remember that the year is 2033 and that stories about finding ‘salvation’ are archaic and need purging from the literary canon.

We also found your plot about the throuple a little outdated since it featured two women and a man in a relationship. You must remember that the Me Three Movement went viral two months ago with plenty of women complaining about the disadvantages of being in a throuple with another woman and a man. The man gets all the attention he doesn’t deserve in these relationships. We would have preferred a dominatrix with two submissive male partners.

Finally, your non-binary, post-gender, queer character Albert is old-fashioned and very stereotypical. The very name Albert makes him out to be a sleazy, suit-wearing, moustached, closeted gay man from the eighties. His sex scenes are full of anal penetration with no ear-play or coprophilia, and this only shows us that you’re nothing but a vanilla straight man, living in a world that has long surpassed you.


The Transhuman

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2019)


12 thoughts on “ A rejection letter ”

  1. If I ever got a rejection like that I’d frame it! It’s a stunning parody highlighting not the nonsense of 2033 but of 2019. I despise the way publishers dictate the norms of society. Publishers are not exposing the “wants” of society but dictating what the wants should be.

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    1. Thank you Bruce! I read some contemporary literature now and then, and I despise most of it. You’re right about the publishers. It’s not just them though. Even talk show hosts and news channels do the same thing. I can’t stand Jimmy Kemmel and his Trump obsession. Another extreme is Arnab Goswami and his Congress obsession. In the West there’s a strong ultra-liberal strain running through everything, and here, there’s a pro-Fascist, jingoistic, nationalist strain that makes news anchors hell hounds. Coming back to the publishing industry, I think clever (cunning) writers know how to manipulate the industry. They predict the next trend in this garbage dump we’re living in, and throw in a few rants and bizarre narratives and voila! Win the next best award. They also know how to market an image of themselves. So much so, that the line between reality and the facade blurs. Anyhow, enough ranting! I think I’ll cool off by participating in Chelsea’s next terrible poetry contest!

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    1. Thank you V!

      It’s good to see you here! I decided to come back to WP because I was simply unable to build a good following on the Ghost site. The site involves me using coding too, and I’m no software engineer! The name of the blog is the name of a poem by Sara Teasdale. It’s a dystopian piece that somehow is inspirational once you understand its message. Read it; it’s beautiful. I’m doing a lot better these days. Thank you for asking.


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      1. That Ghost thing was so unfortunately frustrating, but it is nice to see you around on WP again! Especially as I have just come back myself so, great timing! 🙂

        I will look up that poem.
        And I am so glad if you are doing better!

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